Here to remind you that you are WORTHY of unconditional self love and it is time to start acting like it. 

I want this

Trying to manifest all of the things on your vision board that you worked so hard on with flimsy AF self love is like trying to paddle a yacht. Exhausting, and you’re not going anywhere fast (or anywhere in general).

There’s a reason others have crowned me the “Self Love Queen.” We don’t come into this world with no self-love, naked and afraid of OURSELVES - that’s called programming. 

Somewhere along the way, toxic and maybe even traumatic friendships, family dynamics, romantic relationships, or situations have convinced you of something that is quite frankly UNTRUE - that the love you have for yourself is not only conditional, but that you don’t deserve it more than others. 

I am here to help you unlearn the ways you keep yourself small & undeserving of feeling good about yourself. Staying quiet when you have something to say, prioritizing what someone else wants even though you feel icky about it, saying yes to things you know will drain you and you’ll regret later… does this sound familiar?

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I’m Zoë, founder of zoë magnetic. 

I’m on a mission to free women from self-doubt and playing small by teaching individuals just like you how to step into your power and rewrite the stories that are keeping you stuck using practical, yet effective tools so you can bring your once impossible dreams into your reality. I cannot wait to share my magic with you and dive into the teachings that will lead you to where you’ve always wanted to go.
You have been led here because you are looking for more, and I’m here to tell you that, your dream life is not only more than possible for you, but you are actually already living it. And I’ll show you how you can believe it too.

I’m a Registered Psychotherapist, Manifestation Professional, Mindset Coach, and the CEO of zoë magnetic.

Maybe in this moment you’re unsure where to start and don’t know what needs to change in order to become the woman you dream of being who lives the life you dream of living. Or maybe you do know what’s needed and required of you but there’s an intimidating gap between knowing and actually doing.

As someone who has previously struggled with self-love and confidence, all I wanted was to get to the place where I felt secure enough to speak up when I had something to say, had the confidence to be my naturally silly and weird self, and say no to things that really drained me or that I knew would leave my tank on empty. 

If you are feeling this way, I can assure you that you are not alone. At times, it might feel like you have lost control of yourself or that you are simply an observer to your life who wakes up, goes through the day-to-day, heads to bed and repeats that on an endless loop.

For many years, I shuffled around from restaurant jobs to retail jobs to finance jobs that I hated. I let thoughts like “I’m not doing enough” or the classic “I am a failure” rule my mind and behaviours, and in my head, it was totally normal to let people walk all over me. This way of thinking and living was attracting all of the wrong things - and no wonder! I was a MAGNET to ickiness. 

And let me tell you, that thought was a LOUD one. 
So loud that I just happened to actually listen to it. FINALLY. 

“Wow. This sucks and I do not want to live like this anymore”

It was in realizing this, that I was willing to get really honest with myself and when I was… my first thought was

What’s the voice in your head trying to tell you? 

F*ck Around & Found OUt

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Embrace the change that is about to happen as you rekindle your relationship with yourself, and rise into the identity of being the creator of your life. It’s time to attract self-love and abundance into your reality.

I’m here to guide you along the way.

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