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Here’s The Thing About Manifesting…

Manifestation is such a hype topic lately and there are a lot of misconceptions that come along with it. 

I recently had someone DM me on Instagram, asking me if they could manifest to change anything and everything (this specific DM was about changing their physical appearance) without taking any actions. 

And the answer is no. Manifestation doesn’t exactly work like that. 

Many people who are skeptical about manifesting tend to think that it involves just sitting around wishing and hoping that whatever it is we are manifesting will just magically fall into our laps. 

While it IS true that it IS magical when our manifestations take form (hehe), they don’t take form by accident. And they certainly don’t take form by waiting around for them to just *happen*.

They take form when what the Universe has in store for us and our *drumroll please* INSPIRED ACTION(S) meet in divine timing. 

Deep down, we know exactly what inspired actions we need to take in order to call our manifestations into our reality including:

  • Doing the things that will ensure we are vibrating at our highest frequency
  • Getting into an expansive state where we can magnetically call our dreams into our reality 
  • Taking messy action
  • Doing something out of the ordinary that may create an opportunity for us
  • Trusting our intuition on what our next step should be 

Inspired action is any action that we take as a result of feeling a pull toward something we are manifesting for ourselves. 

The truth is, the Universe moves when we move. It is when we take this inspired action when our manifestations start to take form. 

Deep down, you know what it is that you need to do, in order for your manifestations to take form and to vibrate at your highest frequency. 

It is from this energy of doing whatever it takes that we exist in an expansive state where we can magnetically call our dream life into our reality. 

What inspired action do you feel called to take for something you are currently manifesting? Feel free to DM me on IG and we can talk about it more!

Stay magnetic, 


By the way, I am zoë!

Immersive mindset & manifestation coach

A few years, I hit rock bottom. I struggled with my own self-love. I had low self-esteem and hardly any sense of self-worth. My confidence and faith in myself were basically non-existent. I had two choices: do nothing or make a change. 

Now, I am on a mission to support highly motivated women who desire to rekindle their relationship with themselves, restore self-love, and build confidence to create their most magnetic dream life.

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